Available Services:

Web-Based Services

Web-based psychotherapy services are available via Doxy.me. Each provider has a virtual waiting and link to our online clinic. Please reach out for more information on setting up a web-based intake if you are interested.


$160 per individual session (45-50 minutes)

Supervised interns are available at a reduced rate ($20 per session)

Supervised New Graduates are available at a 

                                                        reduced rate ($40 per session)

Extended sessions are available at increased rates

Family sessions are available at increased rates

Sliding scale fees are available on a limited and individual basis


Web-Based Counsel-Coaching

$100 per individual consultation

Coaching services via our web-based platform are available to assist with managing basic support needs and increasing health and well-being of every day life. 

Send email to inquire regarding rates and additional details


$100 per session (60 minutes)

Supervision to assist in obtaining licensure for social workers currently licensed at the LMSW level or 50% of hours for counselors currently licensed at the LAC level

For additional consultation services, please email or call


$200 per hour 

Available for presentations in the following areas:

Anxiety Disorders                           Stress Management/Self-Care

Children and Parenting                  Transgender/Non-Binary Support

Grief and Loss                                 Joy Project

Summer Day Camp:

Adventures in Mental Health

$550/week (discounts available)

Outdoor summer day camp focusing on skill building in the areas of relaxation, focus, mindfulness and connection to peers. Activities include, movement, stretch, hiking, biking, journaling and arts. Licensed providers available to support meaningful outdoor experiences while addressing mental health growth. Ages 13-17

For more camp details, click here

For more information, please email or call