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Creative Expressions Camp

When: June 24th - June 28th

Time: 8am - 12pm

Who: 2nd-5th Graders

What: A week of creativity with a variety of different ways to channel it - art, crafts, nature walks, and games.

CANCELLED - due to low attendance.

The Force Camp

When: July 15th - 19th, 2024

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Who: 2nd - 5th graders

What: Have fun using the force! - Have fun with crafts to help use the force! - Play games and be in nature, which will help us use the force!

Sign up here:

Insurance Plans:BCBS - United/UMR - GEHA 


Claims can be submitted on your behalf to all insurances. However, licensed clinicians are only contracted with the above-listed insurances. All other insurances may or may not provide reimbursement for out-of-network providers.  


Please feel free to call your insurance in advance to confirm your coverage and understand applicable deductibles.


We are NOT contracted with AHCCCS, Aetna, Medicare, Tricare or Cigna at this time. 

To make a payment, click link below:


Masters student intern reduced rate services are currently on pause.



$160 per individual session (45-50 minutes)

Supervised New Graduates are available at a  reduced rate ($40 per session)

Extended sessions are available at increased rates

Family sessions are available at increased rates


Sliding scale fees are available on a limited and individual basis

Supervised intern services are currently paused. Reduced cost intern Services can be found at Abundant Hope, Redemption Counseling, Cultivate Counseling and Beyond the Pines.


Web-Based Mental Health Consultation

$50 per Session


Mental Health Consultation services via our web-based platform are available to address a specific need. These sessions are offered by our experienced and skillful masters level providers and maintain a future-focused treatment plan to encourage growth and direction. Packages include, webinars, worksheets, one-on-one sessions, small group sessions and more, pending your need.


DBT Adult and Adolescent Group

Groups are temporarily paused due to low numbers. Interested persons can still submit a form or send an email and we will add their name to the list for updates when groups open again.

Click here for info on DBT Groups

Mental Health Consultation/

$50 per session

Coaching Consultation is available via our web-based online platform, or in-person.


Current Coaching Consultation is available around topics related to: 

  • Goal-oriented

  • Present and future focused

  • Skill building


$200 per hour 

Available for presentations in the following areas:

Anxiety Disorders                      Therapist Burn-Out Reduction

Church Pain and Faith Crisis Transgender/Non-Binary Support

Imposter Syndrome                   Joy Project - Positive Psychology


$100 per session (60 minutes)

Supervision to assist in obtaining licensure for social workers currently licensed at the LMSW level or for counselors currently licensed at the LAC level


For additional consultation services, please contact us

For additional questions please contact us here.

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