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Welcome! Balance is a cooperative practice with providers ranging from mental health consultants to independent practitioners. We are happy to support whatever level of need you might be pursuing! Please reach out to request a free initial consultation today.

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Our Mission

To provide high quality mental health consultation, training and psychotherapy services.

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Social Responsibility Guidelines

We are looking forward to continuing our web-based option, but for those of you that would like to have an office-based, in-person, session, please follow these requirements for the health and safety of yourself, other clients and our providers: 


1. Do not come to the office if you have a temperature over 100 degrees and/or are feeling ill. Advise your provider immediately if you would like to utilize our web-based options (the link for your provider's waiting room is accessed by clicking on their name in the "About Us" tab). 

2. Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face

3. If you would like your child to use their own materials during session, please create a "Therapy Bin" and place items such as markers, crayons, paper, etc in the bin. You can coordinate with your provider in advance about special projects and materials that may be needed. Please know that we will be sanitizing the items we use and keep at the office between each and every use. 

4. Please use the restroom prior to coming to the office to limit needing to use the building restroom (there is a restroom for clients in Suite 10)5. Do not arrive to the lobby more than 5 minutes prior to your session. 

6. If your child will be in session without you, consider taking a walk or running a quick errand during their session time to minimize waiting in the waiting room with others

7. Minimize the number of people you need to bring with you to the waiting room. Make all attempts to bring only yourself, or yourself and your child.

8. If you need to bring other children with you, plan to bring items for your children to play with while in the waiting room, as we are no longer able to provide such items. 

9. Bring a water bottle with you instead of using building water fountains

10. Utilize the hand-sanitizer on the wall prior to entering the office waiting room. There is also hand sanitizer located throughout the waiting room and in the session rooms

11. Observe social distancing measures. Remain 6 feet apart from others in the waiting room that are not part of your family 

12. Consider a walking session, if you and your provider are both comfortable. Being outside for sessions can be a wonderful opportunity for mindfulness exercises and allow for fresh air during your session. 

13. Remember that web-based sessions continue to be available and we are happy to utilize our web-based clinic if needed, or desired

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crisis text line
Terros Health Northern AZ

Northern Arizona

Mobile Crisis Unit

(877) 756-4090

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
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