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WeCounsel: Web-Based Psychotherapy Services

Web-Based Psychotherapy is a great option for many people seeking mental health services in rural communities, like those around Flagstaff, AZ, or folks with limited ability to leave their homes. I have recently found that it is also a wonderful way to survive the occasional snow storm.

Practicing in mental health for over a decade in a community that enjoys snowy winters means that there are days when both client and therapist have a hard time leaving the house to get to the office. The snow may be clogging up the visibility on the roads, it may be making the roads themselves impassable, or it may have lead to closing of schools. Even if the roads are technically drive-able, some clients may feel safer staying at home during the snowfall.

This year I have been fortunate to team up with WeCounsel to provide web-based services to folks living outside a comfortable driving distance to my office. As the winter continues to bring forth the snow, I have found that even clients living within the city or county limits, who would regularly drive in for session, are able to benefit from the WeCounsel platform. Since the first snow of the season, I have signed up most clients in my practice as a precautionary measure, in case of snow storm.

Now, when the weather station is calling for snowfall and the schools are threatening to close, my clients don't have to worry about missing a session. They can log in from a comfortable, private and warm spot in their own home. With everything else that is shutting down on snow days, there is no reason to have to miss out on therapy!

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